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Our Story

Ozark Mountain Cultivation was founded in 2020, in the peaceful farmland of Marshfield, Missouri.​  We are a boutique specialty store offering the highest quality, full-spectrum hemp products. We grow both indoor and outdoor CBD Hemp crops and process our top-shelf flowers into our products. The results are superior, stronger, balanced, full-spectrum CBD botanicals . 

Our farm has an abundance of natural wild-life including trees, wild-flowers, blackberries, as well as our personal food gardens and, of course, our hemp gardens.  The outdoor crops are grown in raised beds with the best natural organic compost.  The beds are constructed using the hugulkulture method resulting in higher quality, more potent buds.   Our flowers are then processed into extracts, balms, and tinctures. Please check out our FAQ for more information! Thanks for supporting our small business and lives.

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