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Frequently Asked Questions

Do our products contain THC?

All of our products contain less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit. Certificates of analysis for each product are available on request. Our full-spectrum extracts contain only trace amounts of THC. The strains of hemp that we grow are bred to have large amounts of CBD, but very little THC.

What essential oils do our products contain?

Besides our home-grown hemp essential oil, which contains CBD, some of our products (the skin balms) contain peppermint, lavender and other essential oils. These oils are Siahus brand, formerly "I AM" brand oils. These oils are organic and natural with no artificial processing and manipuplation, which is typically in the essential oil industry. More information at

Are our products organic?

Our farm is not certified organic, however, we do not use any non-organic pesticides, soils, fertilizers, or other ingredients. Our indoor soils consist of a mixture of organic Pro Mix, large amounts of worm castings, organic composts, and bone meal. 

Our outdoor farm consists of both raised beds and tilled soil plots. Our tilled soil is regularly amended with leaves collected on-site as well as organic compost. Our outdoor raised beds were built using the hugelkultur farming method to create ideal, organic soil.

What is the hugelkultur farming method?

The hugelkultur method, also known as lasagna gardening, is a method of constructing raised beds that creates rich, organic soil that lasts for decades. Our outdoor raised bed are constructed using this method.  There are initially three layers in our raised beds. Nearest to the ground we have a foot and a half layer of logs and wood collected on site in our 25 acres of dense forest. On top of the logs, we initially added a couple more feet of leaves to provide organic carbon to feed the soil as it decomposes. The final initial layer on the top of the raised beds was a foot of organic compost and topsoil mix.

These beds are regularly amended with fresh leaves and home-made compost. Our home composting method involves creating a cold-pile consisting of grass clippings, leaves, kitchen scraps, and dead plants from our food and hemp gardens. 

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